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General addons

Share*It demo data pack
Demo data collection contains sales, emails, products, etc. data of abstract software company "DemoCompany", data is provided to be used as Pigleon mailer testing kit, In case if you just want to play with Pigleon mailer or not ready yet to loads up your real data
demodata_shi.zip [3,7Mb]

Mass mailing addons

Here are some useful plugins for Total Commander users. These addons will help you to manage *.eml files, send out your newsletters to thousands of your customers.

PMF Packer - packer plugin, allows you to treat *.pmf files as archives, unpack emails (*.eml) out of pmf-files* Download [90Kb]
Start demo, 270Kb / 2min
See it in action.

POP3/SMTP plugin - the new way of managing mails with Total Commander! Plugin homepage [300Kb]  
MBOx - is a 32-bit Windows DLL for reading and writing Unix mailbox files. This packer plugin basically makes it possible for Total Commander to treat mbox files like "directories" of mail files. Plugin homepage [150Kb]  

* - PMF stands for Pigleon mailer folder, Pigleon mailer can generate thousands of emails packed together in one handy .pmf file, to be sent out as newsletters, notifications, etc. Since it is not very convenient to deal with such a great number of emails directly from email client, you can generate newsletter messages into external .pmf file and then broadcast it in the way you like more, you are free to choose one of them:

  • Send out messages directly from Pigleon mailer, in case if you have a few hundreds of them
  • Broadcast messages through POP3/SMTP plugin by simply copying *.eml files from .pmf archive into POP3/SMTP plugin folder. That's it, broadcast newsletter with just an F5 key hit!
  • Broadcast your newsletter messages directly from your web-server, using simple php script provided below, script supports batch sending method, so you can be confident to not get blacklisted by spamcop.org. You are free to set messages amount to be sent per batch, each batch will be executed on hourly basis.

Don't familiar with Total Commander yet? don't be sad, we strongly recommend you to give it a try, it really worth your time to spend on.


Server side addons

PMF support scripts - set of php scripts, allows you to send out newsletters directly from your web-server using pmf-files* as emails source. Download [9Kb]

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