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Pigleon mailer is a powerful but simple looking back office tool for
independent software vendors, with ShareIt e-Commerce provider support out of the box.


  • Unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes
  • Fully XML driven data storage, no need any of database engines.
    you can simply access your data from any platform, with any
    technology without formats incompatibility, open XML data format
    dont buys additional headache for you like other database engines does.
  • Internal scripting environment empowers Delphi programmers freely customize
    almost every aspect of business logic rules, followups and workflow.
  • Mail lists management and template based messaging for customers notifying and newsletters maintaining.
  • PAD compatible Products/Versions/ToDo's&Bugs explorer
  • Automated Gen and Send feature, based on ShareIt KeyGen SDK
  • Automatic extraction of new customers info from incoming
    mails from ShareIt (XML notifications are supported)
    Obtain more information about your customers through XML notifications.
  • Using the Mail Message (.eml) format for mail export, you can easily
    import mail items from Pigleon into your favorite e-mail client to whom you stick more.
  • and many more features.

When you have Pigleon mailer deployed on USB Flash drive
you are empowered with additional advantages:

  • Portability + Mobility
  • Forget about mail synchronization and
    Save your money and time on additional mail
    synchronization and mail-backup software.
  • Whole Shareware business is in your pocket!
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