Whole Shareware business is in your pocket!
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  Welcome independent software vendors  

   PigLeon mailer is a powerful back office
tool for you.

Quick facts

  • Whole Shareware business
    is in your pocket!*
  • Share*It support out of the box
    (other registrators support can be
    added by request**)
  • All-In-One solution
  • Incredible configure ability
  • Business logic implementation, friendly to Delphi programmers.

* - Assuming that you'll use Pigleon mailer
out of USB memory key/drive.


System requirements

  • Windows 98,ME,2K,XP and higher
  • MS IE 5 + Latest MS XML Parser
  • Any PC with 1GHz and higher
  • 256 Mb memory


  • USB drive >=32Mb, protocol v2.0
If You ...
  • A micro-ISV
  • Tired of using multiply applications while running your business.
  • Want be able to answer your customers requests really fast.
  • Run out of time on running your own shareware business due to full-day work for BOSS?
  • Wish to dedicate more time for your own life :)
Pigleon mailer is here to help you!
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